Game of Codes

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First Prize: ₹ 1,000/-

Second Prize: ₹ 500/-

Game of Codes is a cool new take on programming. Students will be randomly paired , competing 1v1 to determine the ultimate winner. The problem will be given and the first to finish wins that round.
The Platform will be doselect where you will upload the code for verification. In case of ties, running efficiency is taken into account. Laptops have to be brought by the students.

1. Participants will be alloted a computer and an opponent and they will each answer the 3 questions; the person with the highest points qualifying for the next round.
2. Semi-finals and finals will be best-of-three matches.
3. Languages allowed are: C++, Java, Javascript, Python. No others are allowed
4. Decision of event head is final.
5. Laptops Must Be Brought.
6. You are expected to code the solution from scratch.
7. Format of contest will be knockout. No. of rounds depends on turnout
Judging Will Be Based On:
Based on the Score of the participants

Christ University Faculty Of Engineering Open Source Lab II Block 3rd floor

call  Bryan Paul Robert- 7259246372
call  Louis Christopher - 9844359735
call  Manas Protim Deka - 7411219637

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