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Games are fun, interesting but computer games have got everyone more excited than anything else. Using this excitement, we would like to include people into our fest. This requires setting up game stalls i.e. stalls with pc or computer games built by the students. People come in to play games, if they are the highest scorers or they have good gaming skills their name would be put up on the screen of fame.

There are two set of rules:
1. Rules for Fame Screen:
When the player playing makes a high-score, he/she is eligible to be put up on the fame screen.
If the Volunteer in the game stall feels or decides that the player has good gaming skills then he/she is eligible to go on the fame screen.
2. Rules for Games:
Different from game to game.
Basically depends upon the high-scores.
Judging Criteria
Highest score
Gaming skills
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call  Arjun Kashyap -7022346372
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Christ University Faculty Of Engineering , Open Auditorium

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