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First Prize: ₹ 1,000/-

Second Prize: ₹ 500/-

Teams will be confined to a room and will be asked to code or incubate idea based on the theme. The best implementation will be rewarded.

1. 2 to 4 Member per team irrespective of the discipline.
2. Time span of 12 hours of which each team should have a physical presence of 4 hrs. on the first day. Participants will be judged on ideas and only 7 teams move on(Minimum).
3. Team should present their idea before implementing.
4. Code should be non-plagiarized.
Judging Will Be Based On:
1. 40 % Idea
2. 20 % Implementation
3. 39 % Presentation
4. 1% Inspiration

Christ University Faculty Of Engineering , Open Audi on 1st Day, Open Source Lab II Block 3rd floor

call  Gaurav Sehgal- 7042601587
call  Gulzar Ahmed - 9742634857
call  Vinayak Bagaria - 8876805611

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