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First Prize: ₹ 1,000/-

Second Prize: ₹ 500/-

Showcasing ones individual skill is very important. This makes the individual dazzle among the competitors in every field. This event aims to bring out Creativity in an individual. Duration of this event will be 2 hours. After college hours.

1. The time limit for This event is 2 hours
2. A group of maximum 2 members.
3. The judges decision will be final.
4. Use of online resources is permitted.
5. No plagiarism
6. No vulgarity
7. Mentioned reference for online resources.
Judging Will Be Based On:
1. Innovative design.
2. Use of elements.
3. Correct interpretation of message.
4. Convey of message.
5. Quality of image

Christ University Faculty Of Engineering Open Source Lab

call  Abhishek Arya - 9901619531
call  Mohit Khiani - 9977629103

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