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First Prize: ₹ 1,000/-

The event is basically a Treasure Hunt but here the clues which will be given to the teams will be technical ( or technically related ) each team will have to understand the clue given to them and will have to use the right technology to solve the clues given to them.
The first few rounds will be present for the participants to get familiarized with the questions and the events, later the teams will be eliminated either exponentially or by a fixed number ( this will be decided depending on the turn out ).
With each clue given the level of difficulty will also increase.

1. Team of maximum 4 members.
2. A phone with active Internet and GPS connection.
3. Rules for individual task will be provided as clues.
Judging Will Be Based On:
1. Participants will be judged on the basis of who solves the clue first.
2. People who do not follow the rules of the individual task will be eliminated. >
3. Judges decision is final.

Christ University Faculty Of Engineering (The Whole Campus )

call  Akhil Pankaj - 9742687368
call  Balvansh Heerekar - 9908714323

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